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Slavoljub Hilcenko

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Social identity and influences of informational technologies Slavoljub Hilcenko Vladimir Jerkovic s. 46-53
Giotto's Circle : example of methodical procedure for early detection Slavoljub Hilčenko s. 81-91
The „E-classroom” Project (Web Site) of the Town Library „Karlo Bijelicki” in Sombor Intended for (pre)Schoolers Slavoljub Hilcenko Branko Medic s. 119-125
„How to make a needle to float?” Heuristic-branched e-model of an animated movie utilized for class work Slavoljub Hilcenko s. 139-146
A model of a class that implements animated movies developed for specific purposes of learning in primary schools Slavoljub Hilcenko s. 191-198
Multiplication table in the second grade – from game to computer Slavoljub Hilcenko s. 223-231
Interactive-Multimedia Playful Game Sheets and Panels of Preschool Institutes Slavoljub Hilčenko Nebojša Jakovljević s. 228-234
Interactive Web Platform for Teaching Resources in Preschool Institutions Slavoljub Hilčenko Nebojša Jakovljević s. 231-236
“Kockalica” (cubes) – didactic and manipulative teaching resource in methodology of developing mathematical concepts in kindergarten Slavoljub Hilcenko s. 528-535