Tytuł Musicology Today
ISSN 1734-1663
Wydawca Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw
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Musicology Today
2006, Tom 3

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From Gdańsk to Kromiěříž, or the Story of Heinrich Döbel and his Music for the Violin Danuta Popinigis s. 5-21
Theoretical Ideas of Marco Scacchi in the Context of Works by German Composers Aleksandra Patalas s. 23-38
Nineteenth Century Evangelical Cantionals from Gdańsk Jolanta Woźniak s. 39-52
Italian 'Schools' of Polychorality from the Perspective of the Courts of the Polish Vasas and the Austrian Habsburgs Barbara Przybyszewska-Jarmińska s. 53-74
The Parody Technique in the Works of Renaissance Composers from the Gdańsk Area Agnieszka Leszczyńska s. 75-91
On Methods of Analysing Sonoristic Music in the Context of Musical Sonology of Józef M. Chomiński Iwona Lindstedt s. 93-125
On the Interdependencies Between Life Style and the Style of Spring Carols of the People of Podlasie J. Katarzyna Dadak-Kozicka s. 127-151
The Lament - Between Experience nad Theatrical Performance Piotr Dahlig s. 153-165
On the Playing Style and Repertory of Polish Bagpipe Players Zbigniew Jerzy Przerembski s. 167-188