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Musicology Today
2010, Tom 7

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From the Editor Sławomira Żerańska-Kominek s. 5
Coping with Change : changing Musical Traditions, Changing Ethnomusicology Giovanni Giuriati s. 9-37
Music and totalitarianism : Artificial Enthusiasm Piotr Dahlig s. 41-54
Interview Perspectives in Historical Reconstruction: Insights from Two German Totalitarian Systems Britta Sweers s. 55-82
Nostalgic Reminiscences: Urbanization, Music and Television of the 1960's Austė Nakienė s. 83-100
Music - Folklore and Politic : Three Life Experiences and Two Approaches Anna Czekanowska s. 101-111
Work and Songs under Italian Fascim Serena Facci s. 112-128
Polish Folk Music in the Period of Polish People's Republic - Look from Afar Tomasz Nowak s. 129-137
Controlling National Identity and Reshaping Public Taste: The Turkish State's Music Policies in the 1920s and 1930s Ayhan Erol s. 138-161
Responses to Martial Law: Glimpses of Poland's Musical Life in the 1980s Cindy Bylander s. 162-181
Folk Religious Songs Sung during the Peregrination of Virgin Mary's Icon : an Example of Traditional Polish Peasant Piety in Communist Times Jacek Jackowski s. 182-211
Totalitarian Tendencies in Music Education : the Israeli Case Shai Burstyn s. 212-225
Educating Audiences, Educating Composers: The Polish Composers' Union and 'Upowszechnienie' Lisa Cooper Vest s. 226-242
The Use of Polish Musical Tradition in the Nazi Propaganda Katarzyna Naliwajek-Mazurek s. 243-259