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Hans Norman

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"From Sweden to America. A history of the migration", ed. by Harald Runblom and Hans Norman, Uppsala 1976 : [recenzja] Krzysztof Groniowski Hans Norman (aut. dzieła rec.) Harald Runblom (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 561-564
"The Age of New Sweden", wyd. Arne Losman, Agneta Lundström, Margareta Revera, Stockholm 1988; Stellan Dahlgren, Hans Norman, "The Rise and Fall of New Sweden. Governor Johan Risingh's Journal 1654-1655 in its Historical Context", Uppsala 1988 : [recenzja] Michał Kopczyński Stellan Dahlgren (aut. dzieła rec.) Arne Losman (aut. dzieła rec.) Agneta Lundström (aut. dzieła rec.) Hans Norman (aut. dzieła rec.) Margareta Revera (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 627-628