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Hadi Saleh

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Development of the Portal of Cultural Heritage Objects the Kingdom of Poland Evgeny Kovalev Natalia Kovaleva Hadi Saleh s. 89-93
Role of Multimedia Technologies in Training of Students hadi Saleh Osama Tahaan s. 176-178
Generic algorithms for predictive refillment scheduling in SCM-systems of large retail companies Hadi Saleh D. Tsepelev s. 245-248
Working out the plans in a system of object positioning inside the building using mobile devices Dmitriy Alexandrov Hadi Saleh s. 264-267
Determining the location of objects using inertial sensors in mobile devices Dmitriy Aleksandrov Vladimir Muzychenko Hadi Saleh s. 265-275
Course Syllabus: Developing the Social Education Information Network Evgeny Kovalev Hadi Saleh s. 342-344
The application for learning launguages on the base of mobile platforms Dmitry Alexandrov Evgenija Alexandrova Hadi Saleh Osama Tahaan s. 345-347