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Musicology Today
2013, Tom 10

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The Beginnings of Musical Italianità in Gdańsk and Elbląg of the Renaissance Era Agnieszka Leszczyńska s. 1-11
Polyphonic Music in Fragments : a New Perspective for Polish Musicology? Paweł Gancarczyk s. 12-18
The Musical Repertory between the Confessions : Re-Catholicising Strategies in the Songbook of Johannes Schubart from Neisse (1625) Tomasz Jeż s. 19-36
Research into the Resources of Polish Courts : Notes on the Musicians of Stanisław Ciołek Poniatowski (1676–1762) Irena Bieńkowska s. 37-44
<Alla Maestà Clementina Regina Della Gran Bretagna> : the Political Significance of Dedications on the Example of Selected Operas Staged in the Teatro d’Alibert in Rome (1720-1730) Aneta Markuszewska s. 45-52
A Collection of Music for Keyboard Instrument from Manuscript L 1668 (Book of Jadwiga Dygulska) of Sandomierz Diocese Library Jakub Dmeński Magdalena Walter-Mazur s. 53-71
Some Remarks on the Formation of the Classical Style : Instrumental Music by Amandus Ivanschiz Maciej Jochymczyk s. 72-78