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Marcin Bogdański

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Economic Growth in the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Compared to Selected Countries and Regions of the European Union Marcin Bogdański Janusz Heller s. 5-16
Socio-economic potential of Polish cities - a regional dimension Marcin Bogdański s. 13-20
Airports as a factor of regional development on the example of the Szymany airport Marcin Bogdański s. 15-23
Characteristics of the Urban Settlement Network in Warmia and Mazury Marcin Bogdański s. 134-144
Urban Determinants of Polarisation of Economic Development in Poland Marcin Bogdański s. 269-279
Regional Differentiation of the Foreign Direct Investment Inflow in Poland in 2003–2008 Marcin Bogdański s. 331-342