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Pavol Dancák

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Family and Polis : The Socio-Philosophical Legacy of Plato and Aristotle at the Present Time Pavol Dancák s. 7-17
Christian Thinking in Secular Context Pavol Dancák s. 9-19
The Human Person Dignity and Compassion Pavol Dancák s. 19-31
The Ethos of Education and the Ethos of Christianity Pavol Dancák s. 45-56
Reflection on the Family at the Beginning of the 21st Century Pavol Dancak s. 49-60
Issue of Acceptance of Teachings on Marriage by the Faithful of Religious Denominations in Selected Regions of Eastern Slovakia Pavol Dancák s. 49-61
Homo Perfectus versus Educatio: Philosophical Reflections on Transhumanism and Education Pavol Dancak s. 57-71
"Self-Transcendence and Prosociality", Martin Dojčár, Frankfurt am Main: 2017 : [recenzja] Pavol Dancák Martin Dojčár (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 275-276