Tytuł Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean
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Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean
2014, Tom 23, Numer 2

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Introduction Amir Golani Zuzanna Wygnańska s. 11-19
The Bead Workshop at Site MPS4, Mil Plain, Azerbaijan : Craft Specialization and the Manufacture of Shell Jewellery in the Neolitic Ilia Heit s. 21-40
A Badarian-Naqadian Cognitive Link? : A Possible Insight on the Basis of a Badarian Hippopotamus-Shaped Pendant Maarten Horn s. 41-70
Cowrie Shells and their Imitations as Ornamental Amulets in Egypt and the Near East Amir Golani s. 71-83
Tracing the "Diadem-Wearers" : An Inquiry into the Meaning of Simple-Form Head Adornments from the Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age in the Near East Zuzanna Wygnańska s. 85-144
Amulets? On the Possible Function of Zoomorphic Pendants from Child Burials in Tell Rad Shaqrah (Syria) Dariusz Szeląg s. 145-160
Jewellery Manufacture in the Kura-Araxes and Bedeni Cultures of the Southern Caucasus : Analogies and Distinctions for the Reconstruction of a Cultural Changeover Eleonora Carminati s. 161-186
West Anatolian Beads and Pins in the 2nd Millennium BC : Some Remarks on Function and Distribution in Comparison with Neighboring Regions Ekin Kozal Magda Pieniążek s. 187-208
Beads, Pendants and other Ornaments from Late 3rd-2nd Millennium BC Occupation on Faikala, Kuwait Ann Andersson s. 209-224
Vitreous Beads from the Uluburun Shipwreck Rebecca S. Ingram s. 225-246
Personal Display in the Southern Levant and the Question of Philistine Cultural Origins Josephine Verduci s. 247-268
Revealed by their Jewellery : Ethic Identity of Israelites during the Iron Age in the Southern Levant Amir Golani s. 269-296
Personal Ornaments at Hasanlu, Iran Megan Cifarelli s. 297-316