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Andrew Schumann

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Towards New Probabilistic Assumptions in Business Intelligence Andrew Schumann Andrzej Szelc s. 11-21
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Logics for Physarum Chips Krzysztof Pancerz Andrew Schumann s. 16-30
The Swarm Computing Approach to Business Intelligence Krzysztof Pancerz Andrew Schumann Andrzej Szelc s. 41-50
Logical Simulations of Economic Phenomena and Computational Economics Andrew Schumann Viktor Winschel s. 48-56
Is Russian Mathematics Promising Still? Semën Kutateladze Andrew Schumann s. 48-50
The Light from the East George Kiraz Andrew Schumann s. 53-55
The Christian Orthodoxy in the Modern World Basil Lourié Andrew Schumann s. 54-56
Sources of The Analytic Philosophy in Slovenia Andrew Schumann Andrej Ule s. 76-78
Is the Polish Logic One of the Best Traditions Still? Roman Murawski Andrew Schumann s. 78-82
Is Logic Ever Foundational? András Máté Andrew Schumann s. 79-82
Can an IT-Company like Apple Be Established in Belarus? Andrew Schumann Valery Tsepkalo Tsepkalo s. 82-86
Philosophy of Science in Hungary Andrew Schumann Péter Szegedi s. 83-89
Libertarians in Russia: Moscow Never Sleeps? Victor Agroskin Anatoly Levenchuk Andrew Schumann s. 87-90
P-Adics: Mathematics for Sigmund Freud? Andrei Khrennikov Andrew Schumann s. 90-95
Is Everything a Computation? Andy Adamatzky Andrew Schumann s. 96-101