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2016, Tom 8

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Introduction Hartmut Lutz Weronika Suchacka s. 9-18
“Three line poems” Jeannette Armstrong s. 19-22
From Seven Oaks to Batoche: Métis Resistance in History and Narrative Wolfgang Klooss s. 25-51
Paradoxes of Resistance and Resilience: The Pitfalls of Métis Renaissance since the 1970s Ursula Lehmkuhl s. 52-72
The Seven Oaks Reader : Excerpts Myrna Kostash s. 73-78
Reclamation, Redress, and Remembrance: Aboriginal Soldiers of the Great War in Joseph Boyden’s Three Day Road Brygida Gasztold s. 81-101
Learning to Walk Again: Indigenous Female “Healing Activism” in Cherie Dimaline’s Short Story “Room 414” and Contemporary Activist Movements Lena Ruwoldt s. 102-122
“drifting away in the tide”: Water Symbolism and Indigenous Environmentalism in Eden Robinson’s Monkey Beach Ina Habermann s. 123-144
La société québécoise et les Autochtones : La parole inuite dans le film de Benoît Pilon, Ce qu’il faut pour vivre (2010) Katarzyna Wójcik s. 147-163
Gould / Bernhard Krzysztof Majer s. 164-182
“What is the cry even of the Canadians?”: Resistance towards Imperial Paternalism and US “braggadocio” in Anthony Trollope’s North America Barbara Ludwiczak s. 185-204
Resistance in Canada’s Federal System and the Struggle for Political Stability, Equality, and Social Justice: The Battle for Control of Newfoundland’s Offshore Oil, 1960-1985 Raymond B. Blake s. 205-225
Resisting McCarthyism: From the “PC Wars” to “New Antisemitism” Michael Keefer s. 226-258
Studio D: Feministyczny głos w National Film Board of Canada Karolina Pietrzok s. 261-276
Remembering Historical Violence: The Role of Photography in the Japanese Canadian Community and in Joy Kogawa’s Obasan Małgorzata Bobowska s. 277-297
Quebec jako przykład jurysdykcji mieszanej Izabela Świerkot s. 298-311
"Alice Munro: Reminiscence, Interpretation, Adaptation and Comparison", Mirosława Buchholtz, Eugenia Sojka, Frankfurt am Main 2015 : [recenzja] Dagmara Drewniak Mirosława Buchholtz (aut. dzieła rec.) Eugenia Sojka (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 315-318
"Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan", Rita Leistner, Chicago 2014 : [recenzja] Kalina Kukiełko-Rogozińska Rita Leistner (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 319-321
"La Grande Guerre de Paul Caron : Chroniques d’un légionnaire canadien-français (1914- 1917)", Béatrice Richard, Québec 2014 : [recenzja] Piotr Orzeszek Béatrice Richard (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 322-325
"Black Ribbon Day", Edward Sołtys, Toronto 2014 : [recenzja] Anna Rzeczyńska Edward Sołtys (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 326-328
General News s. 331-332
Pacs Grants s. 333
Non-Pacs Grants s. 334
Publications s. 335-340
Articles/Book Chapters/Conference Papers s. 341-350
Habilitation, PH.D, M.A. AND B.A. Theses s. 351-353
Conferences/Seminars/Events s. 354-358
ICCS Programs s. 359-360
Canadian Studies Centers in Poland s. 361-366
Contact Information s. 367
Submissions s. 369-371
Soumission D'Articles s. 373-375