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From the Editors Tomasz Derda Jakub Urbanik s. 7-8
Waterway Fayum-Alexandria : a note on P. Lille I 1 (=P. Zen. Pest., Appendix A) Tomasz Derda s. 9-20
Four Christian funerary inscriptions from the Fayum (I. Deir el-cAzab 1-4.) Tomasz Derda Jacques van der Vliet s. 21-33
P. Vrat. inv. 2 : a list of contributions in money Dorota Dzierzbicka Adam Łajtar s. 35-41
Grave stelae from Deir el-Naqlun Włodzimierz Godlewski Adam Łajtar s. 43-62
Dionysius, bishop of Oxyrhynchus and his date Nikolaos Gonis s. 63-65
Careful with that computer : on creating maps by multidimensional scaling of papyri in Katja Mueller's recent studies on the topography of the Fayum Piotr Hoffman Bartek Klin s. 67-90
Christian Saï in written records (inscriptions and manuscripts) Adam Łajtar s. 91-104
Varia Nubica X-XI Adam Łajtar s. 105-123
Heqanakhte and the origins of 'hemiolion' Tomasz Markiewicz s. 125-136
Judas and the stars : philological notes on the newly published 'Gospel of Judas' (GosJud, Codex Gnosticus Maghâgha 3) Jacques van der Vliet s. 137-152
Spouses in wills : a diachronic survey (III BC – IV AD) Uri Yiftach-Firanko s. 153-166
An edition of two folios from a Shenoutean discourse against the devil Dwight W. Young s. 167-187
Juristische Literaturübersicht 1999-2001 : (mit Nachträgen aus der vorausgegangenen Zeit) Joachim Hengstl s. 189-326
"The Journal of Juristic Papyrology" and its supplements. s. 327-334