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From the Editors Tomasz Derda Jakub Urbanik Adam Łajtar s. 7-9
In memoriam Hanna Szymańska (1944-2010) Krzysztof Babraj s. 10-14
'Αποτνμπανιδμσμός : just death by exposing on the plank? Constantinos Balamoshev s. 15-33
Documentary fragments from Upper Egypt in the Hunterian Museum Amin Benaissa Nikolaos Gonis s. 35-43
'Ο τον : an alternative for the Greek patronymic in Egypt? Yanne Broux s. 45-57
Dura Europos 'shield map' and expedition of Gordian III against the Persians Radosław A. Gawroński s. 59-66
Due papiri tolemaici di Giessen (P. Iand. inv. 333 e P. Iand. inv. 438) Marcin Kotyl s. 67-78
Caesar in Alexandria : fragmentary Latin dipinti discovered at Kom el-Dikka Adam Łukaszewicz s. 79-92
P. Oxy XVII 2099 : evidence of an early split in the tradition of Herodotus' text? Andrzej Mirończuk s. 93-101
Manicipatio and its life in Late-Roman law Maria Nowak s. 103-122
A broken marriage promise and Justinian as a lower of chastity : on Novela 74 and P. Cairo Masp. I 67092 (AD 553) Jakub Urbanik s. 123-151
A multiplication table on a tablet in Leiden Jacques van der Vliet Klaas A. Worp s. 153-157
Resources and economic activities of the Egyptian monastic communities (4th-8th century) Ewa Wipszycka s. 159-263
The Old Nubian 'Eparchal Archive' from Qasr Ibrim reconsidered Bartosz Wojciechowski s. 265-292