Tytuł Silesian Journal of Legal Studies
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Wydawca Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
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Silesian Journal of Legal Studies
2014, Tom 6

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Editorial Barbara Mikołajczyk s. 7-8
Der hohe norden im seevölkerrecht: völkerrechtliche probleme der Festlandsockelabgrenzung in der Arktis Michał Jan Filipek s. 11-22
Public goods in administrative space – an outline of problematic aspects Marcin Janik s. 23-31
Droit moral in selected legal systems of Asia, by example of the right to authorship of a work – where are we coming from, and where are we going? Marlena Jankowska s. 32-47
The european union as a member of the world trade organization Ewa Kamarad s. 48-55
Act on polish citizenship of 2 april 2009 (journal of laws 2009) – from the perspective of international law Jerzy Menkes s. 56-71
Ecowas: a promise of hope or success for sub-regional economic integration in west Africa Michael C. Ogwezzy s. 72-104
The legal nature of internal audit iIn light of the regulations of the act on public finances Malwina Bartela Marek Zdebel s. 105-112
L’imprévision et la possibilité de la révision du contrat international en vertu de l’article 79 de la convention de vienne Tadeusz Zieliński s. 113-124
A nuts and bolts study of the cultural defense: an Asian American perspective Akshaya Kamalnaath s. 129-149
Is intellectual property a lex specialis? : the conference report from the atrip 2013 congress, Oxford Marlena Jankowska s. 153-155
List of selected books published by the researchers of the faculty of law and administration of the University of Silesia in 2013 s. 157-160
List of conferences organised at the faculty of law and administration of the University of Silesia in 2013 s. 161-162