Tytuł Security Dimensions. International & National Studies
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Wydawca Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa Publicznego i Indywidualnego "APEIRON" w Krakowie
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Security Dimensions. International & National Studies
2014, Numer 2 (12)

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Information for Authors s. 6-8
Statements and actions of the state in the field of political corruption elimination Jacek Bil s. 11-18
Evaluation of the use of personal and property protection companies for ensuring safety in Poland Andrzej Czop s. 19-28
Combating terrorism : classification of terrorist acts Oleksandr Fedotov s. 29-33
Technology research of tactical personal protection clothing based on fire-fighters-rescuers Jan Giełżecki Robert Marcin Wolański s. 34-46
Short introduction to shale gas extraction and production in Poland Krzysztof Jerzy Gruszczyński s. 46-68
The problem of proper supervision of superiors over remunerating personal sources of information Piotr Herbowski s. 69-75
Safety and danger during firefighter’s work Peter Pantya s. 76-85
Police, Soldier, Firefighter in Emergency: Decision Making Method is Special Agoston Restas s. 86-94
Polish strategic thought in shaping security policy Andrzej Wawrzusiszyn s. 95-103
Formation of expert institutions in Ukraine Roman Zayats s. 104-108
Особенности проведения осмотра места происшествия при расследовании крушений и аварий на железнодорожном транспорте по законодательству Украины Ирина Басистая s. 109-116
History of formation and develoopment institute of remedy information rights and freedoms and civil rights Lubomyr Sopilnyk s. 119-124
Protection of information rights and freedoms, international legal aspects Rostyslav Sopilnyk s. 125-130
War in the mind: posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning from the war zone Malwina Dankiewicz s. 133-140
Concept: threats and national defense in the Japanese ideology and doctrine Marek Hoborowicz s. 141-152
Moral und Nomisma – einige Anmerkungen Vladimir Robert Matas s. 153-158
Культура безопасности здоровья Лариса Потапова s. 159-163
Disciplinary liability: the content, principles and types Valeriy Vyacheslavovych Sereda s. 164-168
Safety culture in sporting activity Dorota Ambroży Ewa Dybińska Mirosław Juszkiewicz s. 171-177
The influence of a training programme on the special physical fitness of ju-jitsu trainees Tadeusz Ambroży Wiesław Chwała Dariusz Mucha Mateusz Nowak Juliusz Piwowarski s. 178-186
Humanity in modern warfare, empathy and jus in bello Kaja Kowalczewska s. 189-200
The State Security Between Geopolitical Realism and Historical Tradition Dario Citati s. 201-204
Conflict, territory, terrorism - state of research Juliusz Piwowarski Patrycja Węglarz s. 205-211
Russian comprehensive approach toward artic race Zdzisław Śliwa s. 212-234
Conference in Karlovy Vary Jacek Piwowarski Michał Twardosz s. 237-238