Tytuł Security Dimensions. International & National Studies
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Security Dimensions. International & National Studies
2013, Numer 2 (10)

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Introduction Juliusz Piwowarski s. 8
Information for Authors s. 9-10
Active shooter – challenge for law and tactics in Europe Robert Częścik J. Radosław Truchan s. 12-19
The European frontier in our global village Mariateresa Gammone s. 20-28
A rescue shot – resolving hostage situations in police operations Kuba Jałoszyński s. 29-34
Wide comprehension of securitology in studies on culture of national security Juliusz Piwowarski s. 35-38
European Union – Police and Customs cooperation : a historical perspective Isabel Maria Freitas Valente s. 39-45
The creation of the Kingdom of Croatia in 1941 on the pages of the periodical “L’illustrazione Italiana” Antonio Violante s. 46-58
The EU’s notion of territoriality: the “Westphalian Memory” vs. the “New Empire” : consequences for the macro-regional dimension of the Adriatic Sea Region Alessandro Vitale s. 59-66
Die Anfänge der Europäischen Integration – erste Bemühungen um kollektive Sicherheit in Europa Karel Schelle s. 67-71
Dispositional group and special fitness in hand-to-hand combat : kickboxing exercises and profiled circuit training Tadeusz Ambroży Mateusz Nowak Juliusz Piwowarski s. 73-82
The foundations of law and security culture in Japan Andrzej Czop Marek Sokołowski s. 83-86
Evaluation of competences possessed by security guards employed by private security Stanislav Dadelo s. 87-94
To what extent private military corporations have international legal personality? Kaja Kowalczewska s. 95-103
The abolition of the co-ownership as the method of elimination threats arising from unregulated legal status of the real estate Paulina Ledwoń s. 104-108
Special technologies of rescue system in Russian Federation for forest fires Roman Michalovič s. 109-115
Measurability and objectivity of crisis management effectiveness Jana Müllerová s. 116-122
Social media in the PR activities of the polish uniformed services using the example of the “Polish Police” Facebook profile Aleksandra Powierska s. 123-131
Communication and language in prison Radosława Rodasik Aleksandra Skórzak Ewelina Ćwiertnia s. 132-135
Homicide with a single stab wound Tomasz Konopka Joanna Stojer-Polańska s. 136-145
Environment adult education as a part of the social security policy Olga M. Tytarenko s. 146-151
Security management versus educational practice Andrzej Wawrzusiszyn s. 152-158
Reflections on the mechanism of the authoritarian system of The Polish People's Republic based on actions of the Security Service towards Tadeusz Pankiewicz – the Righteous Among the Nations of The World Michał Zajda s. 159-163
Trends improvement of personnel management service industries Lyudmyla Garasym s. 165-170
Dependence of personal features and needs of development of personnel management from character accentuation Myron Leskiv s. 171-176
Analysis of social structure and evaluation indicators of enterprise development Jeanna Vitalivna Semchuk s. 177-181
Legal implication convictions Rostyslav Sopilnyk s. 182-186
Development of alternative ways of entrepreneurial dispute resolution in Ukraine Vitaly Makhinchuk s. 187-191