Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Introduction : Meta-History of Science at the Berkeley Congress Maurice A. Finocchiaro s. 7-8
The Histories of Science : Diverse Worlds for Diverse Audiences Thomas S. Kuhn s. 9-16
Federigo Enriques (1871-1946) and History of Science in Italy in the Pre-War Years Salvo D'Agostino s. 17-24
Inconsistent Interpretations of Marxian Methodology in the History of Science János Farkas s. 25-31
The Hermeneutical Status of the History of Science : the Views of Hélène Metzger (an Apercu) Gad Freudenthal s. 33-39
Veblen, Scheler, Borkenau on the Social History of Scientific Cognition Imre Hronszky s. 41-52
Twenty Years After Joseph Agassi s. 53-61
On the Historiography of the History of Science : (T. I. Rainov as an Investigator of the Development of Science) S. R. Mikulinsky s. 63-69
Regularities in the Evolution of Particular Sciences Henryk Hollender Eugeniusz Olszewski s. 71-78
Narcissus at the Pool : Scientific Method and the History of Science Marcello Pera s. 79-98
The Methodology and Philosophy of History of Sciences : Recent Issues and Developments Maurice A. Finocchiaro s. 99-114
A Definition of Science as an Antidote Against Either Mystifying or Demistifying Science Wen-yuan Quian s. 115-162
Artificial Intelligence and Natural Intelligence : an Historical and Critical Approach Arcangelo Rossi s. 163-167
A Humanistic Look at the Dialectical Approach Pulivelil M. George s. 169-184
Dialectical Humanism, Ideology and the Institutions of Higher Learning Pulivelil M. George s. 185-203
Créativité dans l'éducation des adultes : contribution des éducateurs et des adultes Ettore Gelpi s. 205-208
Drei erste Konzeptionen der Struktur und Tätigkeit der Universität in Krakau : Aufgrund der Quellen von 1364, 1390 und 1400-1415 Jerzy Drewnowski s. 209-220
Was Valentinus Otho a Mathematics Professor at the University of Heidelberg? Erna Hilfstein s. 221-225
The Vicissitudes of Modern Cosmology Michał Heller s. 227-258
Bernhard Riemann: a Forerunner of Classical Electrodynamics : (an Historical Epistemological Approach) Nicholas Ionescu-Pallas Liviu Sofonea s. 259-272