Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Creativity in a Scientist's Life : an Attempt of Analysis from the Standpoint of the Science of Science Władysław Szafer s. 3-39
Logic and History of Science N. I. Rodny s. 41-48
On the Logical Analysis of the Concept "Object of Scientific Investigation" B. Gryasnov s. 49-55
On the Concrete Historical Interpretation of the Logic of Science M. G. Yaroshevsky s. 57-64
Fifty Years of Soviet Science and Technology L. A. Filatova Achot T. Grigoryan s. 65-72
Some Master Models within the Historical Perspectives Pulivelil M. George s. 73-83
Can the Search for Social Values be Supported by Science? Aleksander Gella s. 85-93
Mankind, A.D. 2000 Jan Strzelecki s. 95-103
The Social Significance of the History of Science and the History of Technology Eugeniusz Olszewski s. 105-111
The Concept of Motion in Leibniz' Early Philosophy and Its Influence on the Development of His Philosophical Method Dieter Turck s. 113-126
Монадология Лейбница и атомистика Bonifati M. Kedrov s. 127-138
Some System-Theoretical Aspects of the Work of G. W. Leibniz Peter Bollhagen s. 139-151
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz et les fondements du calcul infinitesimal A. P. Youschkevitch s. 153-168
Le premier polonais dans l'histoire de l'esthétique Władysław Tatarkiewicz s. 169-179
Mathematiques italiennes vers la fin du Moyen-Age et a l'epoque de la Reinaissance Gino Arrighi s. 181-190
New History of Optical Microscopy Vasco Ronchi s. 191-204
L'evolution de la structure de la physique J. G. Dorfman s. 205-225
Sur les syllogismes conditionnels dans l'interpretation des anciens Antoni Korcik s. 227-230