Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Jules Vuillemin (1920-2001) Jacques Bouveresse s. 5-8
Conventionalism vs Relativism [1938] Izydora Dąmbska Zygmunt Nierada (tłum.) s. 9-15
On Izydora Dąmbska and Her Philosophy Jan Woleński s. 17-23
Problem of Explanatory Circularity in Leśniewski's Systems Jerzy Pluta s. 25-30
L'autonomie des universités : le cas de la France Henri Méloni s. 31-39
Education versus Military Expenditures in the Baltic States Nutsa (Magda) Kobakhidze s. 41-50
Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania : International Relations Examined Through Minority Language Education Julianna Connelly s. 51-59
Water and Bronze in the Hands of Empedocles' Muse Jean-Claude Picot s. 59-84
The Transformation of the Art of War and the Military Functions of Greek Divinities Lucyna Kostuch s. 85-92
Polnische Aufklärung angesichts der nationalen Assimilationsprozesse Janusz Tazbir s. 93-107
L'expédition zoologique polonaise en Algérie d'après la correspondance de Władysław Taczanowski à Konstanty Jelski Piotr Daszkiewicz s. 109-120
Polish Inventions : a Forgotten Contribution to the Allied Victory in World War II Bolesław Orłowski Zygmunt Nierada (tłum.) s. 121-128
Wacław Berent (1873-1940) - l'artiste et le naturaliste Piotr Daszkiewicz Jan Tomkowski s. 129-135
Introduction Michał Kokowski s. 137-138
A Charm of Puzzles. The Fate of Richard Kilvington's Philosophical Ideas Robert Podkoński s. 139-149
The Fourteenth and Seventeenth Century Project of Mathematical Physics. Continuity or Discontinuity? Elżbieta Jung s. 151-164
Continuity and Discontinuity. On Method in Leonardo da Vinci' Mechanics Raffaele Pisano s. 165-182
From Common Sensibles to Primary Properties. Rethinking Galilei's Famous Distinction in "Il saggiatore" Fabio Zanin s. 183-193
Christoph Clavius, S. J. on the Reality of Ptolemaic Cosmology : "Ex Suppositione" Reasoning and the Problem of (Dis)continuity of Early Modern Natural Philosophy Thomás A. S. Haddad s. 195-204
The Dialogical Roots of the Copernican Revolution : Implications for the Continuity Thesis Arun Bala s. 205-217
Continuity and Discontinuity in Italian Mathematics after the Unification : from Brioschi to Peano Maria Teresa Borgato s. 219-231
Electron - a Main Actor in Scientific Controversies Elisa Maia Isabel Serra Francisca Viegas s. 233-244
Continuity and Discontinuity. An Epistemological Inquiry Based on the Use of Categories in History of Science Ilaria Gaudiello Raffaele Pisano s. 245-265
The Problem of Continuity and Discontinuity in the Development of Science from Ancient Times to the Present : a Reappraisal Michał Kokowski s. 267-298