Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Perception and Its Kinaesthetic Origin Wiesław Strzałkowski s. 5-23
Community : A Humanistic Vision of Social Life Pulivelil M. George s. 25-40
The Phases of Scienfitic Inquiry Stefan Ziemski s. 41-57
Namen- und Aussagenlogik im Traktat "De syllogismo hypothetico libri duo" von Boethius Maksymilian Majewski s. 59-79
Explanations in the History of Science : a Study of the Interpretation of Hermetic Influence on the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Science Prabir Mitra s. 81-104
The Paris Academy of Moral and Political Sciences - Its Public Campaign in 1848 Waldemar Rolbiecki s. 105-118
The Polish Academic Community's Ethos Since the Positivists : Continuity and Change Janusz Goćkowski s. 119-135
The Ethos of Scholars and the Role of Scientific Societies Tadeusz Łepkowski s. 137-147
"The Science of the Future" - Aleksander Bogdanov's Tectology Marek Styczyński s. 149-173
Les idées de Stanislas Ignace Witkiewicz Małgorzata Szpakowska s. 175-185
Experimental Induction in Human Sciences and Epistemology of Robert Blanché Stanisław Korzybski s. 187-201
Introduction : Some Contemporary Investigations into the History of Geographical Thought Józef Babicz s. 203-204
National Rootedness and the Variable Success of World Geography David Hooson s. 205-207
Geography in the Bellwether Universities of the United States G. S. Dunbar s. 209-217
Religious Beliefs, Philosophy and Scientific Theory in the Origin of Spanish Geomorphology, 17th-18th Centuries Horacio Capel s. 219-229
The Emergence of the Glacial Theory : a Scandinavian Aspect Tore Frängsmyr s. 231-235
Alexander von Humboldt - Genius sui generis Kurt-Reinhard Biermann s. 237-244
Wesen und Werk Alexander von Humboldts aus geowissenschaftlicher Sicht Edgar Lehmann s. 245-256
The Schools of Geography Józef Babicz s. 257-260
Paradigm Change : a Study in the History of Geography in the United State, 1892-1925 Geoffrey J. Martin s. 261-276
Strategies of Heterodox Researchers in the National School of Geography and Their Roles in Shifting Paradigms in Geography Keiichi Takeuchi s. 277-286