Tytuł The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
ISSN 2081-1640
Wydawca Uniwersytet Wrocławski. University of the Third Age
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The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
2013, Numer 1

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Editor’s Preface Aleksander Kobylarek s. 5
Learning Andrea Benvenuto Orquídea Coelho Maria De Fatima Sá Correia Antonio Magalhães s. 9-19
Public relations ethics in information management Hrvoje Jakopović s. 20-29
Gender stereotypes in organizations Jiří Čeněk s. 30-37
Health care practitioners and dying patients Panagiotis Pentaris s. 38-43
Online identity: constructing interpersonal trust and openness through participating in hospitality social networks Alexander Ronzhyn s. 47-56
Internet addiction and cyberchondria - Their relationship with Well-Being Eliza Ivanova s. 57-70
Head, Heart and Hands Learning” - A challenge for contemporary education Senka Gazibara s. 71-82
Prevalence of substance use among first-year students at the University of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Maja Nižić Tanja Penava Ines Perić s. 83-94
Maternal identity of women in the postpartum period Maria B. Perun s. 95-105
Love-Based leadership in early childhood education Kaarina Määttä Satu Uusiautti s. 109-120
Psychomotor education, an aspect of general formation of the pre-school children Ardian Shingjergji s. 121-132
Peculiarities of social competence in children with different autistic levels Kateryna Оstrovska s. 133-147
Induction of newly qualified teachers: limits, needs and opportunities Mihaela Stingu s. 148-157
Foreign language teacher competences as perceived by English language and literature students Morana Drakulić s. 158-165
The linguistic lacunicon: cognitive mapping in schemes and terms Tetiana Anokhina s. 166-174
Perspective orientation and time dimension in student motivation Radka Havlićkova Isabella Pavelkova s. 177-189
The role of tertiary education in career and life-long learning among day-time students : based on empirical findings Csilla Czeglédi Tímea Juhász s. 190-198
Teacher preparations reforms in Kosovo Fatlume Berisha Arberore Bicaj s. 199-208
Secular and religious coping-strategies in women: age-related aspect Mariana Z. Iesyp Tetiana B. Partyko s. 209-218
Art history and its dialogue with the wider public: promotion and rising the awareness of cultural heritage Marjana Dolšina s. 221-227
The classical dramatic text and its value in contemporary theatre Nina Žavbi Milojević s. 228-235
Traditional Ukrainian songs as performed by folk choirs of ‘Sloboda’ Ukraine Vlada Rusina s. 236-242
Genre differentiation in ‘A guided tour through the museum of communism’ by Slavenka Drakulić Tina Varga Oswald Jakov Sabljić s. 243-256
Present day school readers in rapport with the dramatic work of a once-banned Albanian author Hektor Ciftja Besa Shingjergji s. 257-272
The role of clothing in the pre-bourgeois ambience of Kersnik’s novels Anna Perowić s. 267-280
A place for pragmatism in the current educational system in Poland in comparison to the American system of education Ewelina Czujko s. 283-288
Index s. 289-298