Tytuł The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
ISSN 2081-1640
Wydawca Uniwersytet Wrocławski. University of the Third Age
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The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
2013, Numer 2

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Editor’s Preface Aleksander Kobylarek s. 5
Portrayal of the american culture through metafiction Abdolrazagh Babaei Amin Taadolkhan s. 9-15
Integrism towards contemporary christian religious education and teaching of the Second Vatican Council Dominik Figiel s. 16-28
Psychological characteristics of emotional intelligence of teachers working with children of developmental disorders Khristina Sayko s. 29-35
Money attitude of Ukrainian young people: socio-demographic aspect Marianna Simkiv s. 36-45
Investigation for young adults interest in health Andrea Szoboszlai s. 46-56
María Zambrano: a woman, a republican and a philosopher in exile Patricia Palomar Galdon s. 59-70
The use of the modern technology in educational work: user study for digitization of cultural heritage Milica Lajbenšperger Sanja Rajić Marija Šegan s. 71-78
The development of authentic personality with limitations of the educational system (in the examples of fi lms: Professor Vujić’s Hat, directed by Z. Šotra, and Dead Poets Society, directed by P. Weir) Jelena Jaranović s. 79-87
Types of personality motivation structure of women who are acquiring higher education in psychology Tetiana Partyko s. 88-96
Psychological readiness of students to work in a professional field Olha Uhryn s. 97-107
Education for a positive self-image in a contemporary school Sanja Simel s. 108-115
Is social software a new mode of second-language learning in the information age? B.P. Panel s. 116-123
Public accounting in Hungary : situation and challenges Jozsef Simon s. 124-133
Time perspective and place of residence: An empirical study Oksana M. Senyk s. 137-147
Are females better than males in communication in second language? Ieva Rudzinska s. 148-154
Born to be beautiful: Season of birth infl uences adult females’ physical attractiveness Michał Kanonowicz Agnieszka Sorokowska Piotr Sorokowski s. 155-161
Psychological peculiarities of the children with the authistic spectrum disorder Khristina Kachmaryk s. 162-171
Perceived supervisor`s subclinical psychopathy, and subordinate`s organizational commitment, job satisfaction and satisfaction with executive Elżbieta Sanecka s. 172-191
Wiki moderators’ contributions to enhance the pedagogical implementation of Wiki Nashwa Ismail s. 192-199
Use of quality models and indicators for evaluating test quality in an ESP course Ieva Rudzinska s. 200-207
Polyfunctionality of the english quantitative words Svitlana Shvachko s. 208-214
National culture values: reflections on formation process of future leaders in international economic cooperation Goran Lalic Marija Nikolic Maura la Torre s. 217-226
Holistic education: the social reality of engineering Helena Trbusić s. 227-238
Factors of realization and differentiation scientific potencial of young scientists Katya Shelestun s. 239-246
The graduate tracking and attainment model at the University of Pécs Gabriella Kurath Norbert Sipos s. 247-261
Lexicon acquisition in an interdisciplinary learning context Maria Paula Santos Soares da Silva Lago s. 262-272
Not teaching, but coaching creating a self-development culture in a classroom Monika Grochalska s. 273-287
The infl uence of the out-of-family care institutions onto child’s development Lubova Vasechko s. 288-294
A linguistic picture of the world and expression of emotions through the prism of expressive lexis Danka Siroka s. 297-308
Mystifi cation in Czech cinematography and Czech culture Anna Brzezińska s. 309-315
Maximilian Voloshin’s japanese print collection in the context of european orientalism Daria Koltsova s. 316-324
Ducaches in the ukrainian culture area Katya Volik s. 325-333
Group word terms in the terminology of the theory of mechanics in Albanian and English Gani Pllana Sadete Pllana s. 334-339
Robert Ervin Howard’s Vision of the Supernatural in Beyond the Black River Piotr Gulanowski s. 340-349
Additional fi gures in Ady Endre’s poem: A magyar Ugaron and in its English translations: The magyar fallow by Nyerges Anton and On the Hungarian fallow by Bernard Adams Timea Kiss s. 350-357
The importance of material status for electoral chances and perception of politician: delegitimization of wealth as post-transition specificity? Jarosław Piotrowski Iwona Świątek Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska s. 361-374
The old age in Polish and American series Joanna Anioł Kaja Koronkiewicz Edyta Sokołowska s. 375-396
E-government in Poland – selected issues Malwina Popiołek s. 397-403
Stigmatized by the language – Linguistic labels of the disabled people in Poland and the United States Anna Ślebioda s. 404-412
Index s. 413-420