Tytuł The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
ISSN 2081-1640
Wydawca Uniwersytet Wrocławski. University of the Third Age
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The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
2014, Numer 1

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Editor’s Preface s. 5
Describing the concept of infi nite among art, literature, philosophy and science: a pedagogical-didactic overview Paolo di Sia s. 9-19
Tolerance for uncertainty in elderly people Sophia Grabovska Khrystyna Kachmaryk Kateryna Ostrovska Victor Syniev s. 20-27
Environmental attitudes and ecological anthropocentrism: a new challenge in environmental higher education Attila Miklos s. 28-40
“Chlorophyll ideology” and Protected Areas. The Social Discourses on the Reserve Area “Tancat de la Pipa” in the Albufera Natural Park (Spain) Morena Requena Mora Jose Manuel Rodriguez Victoriano s. 41-57
The Fascist Phenomenon : National Legionary State between laws, journals, memoirs, and the Jewish repression between 20-23 January 1941 Cristian Alexandru Groza s. 61-78
The Effects of dual task (fi ne motor precision + cognitive charge) on proprioception Ludmila Liutsko Jose Maria Tous Sergi Segura s. 79-86
University studies of future psychologists to work with autistic children Aleksander Shulgenko s. 87-96
Experiential education against environmental denial in environmental ethics education: a case study Ana Arzenšek Tomaž Grušovnik s. 99-109
Application of Mind Map-based abstracting technique in pedagogical strategy for ESP teaching Ekaterina Choporova s. 110-123
Elaborating on Internet addiction and cyberchondria – relationships, direct and mediated effects Eliza Ivanova Sonya Karabeliova s. 127-144
Early childhood identity: ethnicity and acculturation Maria Cristina Dan s. 145-157
Psychological factors of the image of the state in the students’ perception Ruslana Karkovska s. 158-168
Preferences for Learning and Skill Development at Work: Comparison of Two Generations Mariya Karaivanova Irina Zinovieva s. 169-186
Integrating information and communication technologies in the process of foreign language teaching and learning Natalia Serostanova s. 187-197
Digital Culture and Social Media versus the Traditional Education Agim Poshka s. 201-205
The Functional Role of Music in Communicating Death through Panagiotis Pentaris Maria Yerosimou s. 206-217
Women writers of 19th century Britain Ivana Šalinović s. 218-225
Defi ning interdisciplinarity and indentifying research directions in Jani Christou’s Strychnine lady Maria Yerosimou s. 226-241
The Role of Guides Devised by the New Consensus Movement Proponents in Popularizing the Ideals of Religious Freedom in the U.S. Primary and Secondary Level Education Iwona Zamkowska s. 245-260
The economic growth of small states and small economies in regional economic organizations and integrations: similarities and differences Petar Kurečić Đana Luša s. 261-284
The Slovenian Art History Textbook in Comparison to Polish Textbooks: Authorship and Content, Didactic Structure and Publishing Circumstances Marjana Dolšina s. 285-298
Ergonyms of Educational and Cultural spheres in two of Baltic States cities Solvita Pošeiko s. 299-311
The Albanian organization and organizational structure - the challenges of the adaptation to the dynamic reality Ludmilla Shkurti s. 312-319
Vietnamese Parents and Czech Nannies: Second-Generation Immigrant Children and their Educators Adéla Souralová s. 320-333
The acquisition of the Latvian language as the Second language at preschool age in theory and practice Ingēra Tomme-Jukēvica s. 334-344
Index s. 345-352