Tytuł The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
ISSN 2081-1640
Wydawca Uniwersytet Wrocławski. University of the Third Age
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The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
2011, Numer 1

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Editor's Preface Aleksander Kobylarek s. 4
Institutions of higher education and the idea of lifelong learning Aleksandra Marcinkiewicz s. 5-18
Personality, temperament, organizational climate and organizational citizenship behavior of volunteers Elżbieta Chwalibóg s. 19-30
John Ruskin's word paintings in the context of his principle of clear vision as well as the biblical and rhetorical tradition Aleksandra Piasecka s. 31-49
A debate on the relationship between poetry and politics in W. H. Auden's "In Memory of W. B. Yeats" and A. Ostriker's "Elegy before the War" Mateusz Marecki s. 50-58
A postmodern thanatic triad : crisis, pornography and renaissance of death Ilona Zakowicz s. 59-72
Post-modern changes in marital and family life Agata Kozak s. 73-79
"Wildness" as a metaphor for self-definition of the colonised subject in the Positivist period in Poland Anna Kołos s. 81-95
Body, spirit and gender in Maria Komornicka's poetry Katarzyna Lisowska s. 96-106
A linguistic analysis of sexist statements by Janusz Korwin-Mikke Kamila Kuros s. 107-121
National identity and stereotypes of Poles and Germans among rural youth in Opole Silesia Katarzyna Mazur s. 122-135
Index s. 136-138
Standards of preparing scholarly texts for publication s. 140-142