Tytuł The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
ISSN 2081-1640
Wydawca Uniwersytet Wrocławski. University of the Third Age
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The Journal of Education, Culture and Society
2011, Numer 2

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Editor's Preface Aleksander Kobylarek s. 4
Constructions of "otherness" and the role of education : the case of Ethiopia Sisay Mengstie s. 7-15
"…Superman and the princess lived happily ever after" : on the programme of universal development of socially maladjusted youth Wioleta Kajak s. 16-26
Psychological peculiarities of subjective well-being of residents in geriatric homes Iryna Horbal s. 27-37
The University of the Third Age as an institution counteracting marginalization of older people Aleksandra Marcinkiewicz s. 38-44
Old age - "how beautiful to be yourself" Ilona Zakowicz s. 47-54
Identifying the linguistic genderlects of the style of writing of Arab male and female novelists Sameer Hamdan s. 55-62
Cross-border labor migration in Europe : a view from the emerging civil society in Ukraine Maksymilian Dubnyak Olena Koshmanova s. 65-79
Turkey's multi-polar diplomacy on its way to the European Union Lika Mkrtchyan s. 80-86
Development of European consciousness in Erasmus students Sevda Mutlu s. 87-102
Diaspora diplomacy - about a new dimension of diplomacy, the example of a "New Emigration" non-governmental organisation Martyna Tomiczek s. 105-123
Between vanguard and exclusion - young people of the twenty-first century Agnieszka Gil s. 124-132
Index s. 133-135
Standards of preparing scholarly texts for publication s. 137-138