Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Ukraine under the consideration of US-EU bilateral relations Oleksandr Golovan s. 9-24
Positioning as a part of political marketing Natalia Liutko s. 25-31
Anti-national population policy in the Ukrainian SSR during the 1960s-1970s : the titular nation of Ukraine as an example Nadia Muroslavivna Kindrachuk s. 33-41
Military policy of the Republic of Belarus : Belarusian historiography Oleh Sanzharevskiy s. 43-49
Communication policy challenges of Ukraine in the context of its European integration Natalia Karpchuk s. 51-65
International interests of Great Britain in the conditions of the modern crisis of the European security system Andriy Grybinko s. 67-83
Cooperation with Asian states as way of implementation of the foreign policy priorities of South Sudan Marta Domochko Yuriy Mykolayovych Moroz s. 85-90
Volunteering as a vector of EU youth policy Marina A. Naidych s. 91-100
"Phantom" parties in the Ukrainian political space Larysa Kobuta s. 101-108
Radical Islam as a means of self-realization for the North Caucasian youth : from the terrorist-criminal groups to the beginnings of the creation of a new, less controlled subculture Nikoloz Janelidze s. 109-120
Conflict mediation : the Qatari experience Ruslan Minich s. 121-133
The Soviet cinema of 1920s : problems, tendency and tasks Mariana Motrunych s. 135-144
"Barykady i katorga. Wspomnienia anarchisty", Noj Giter-Granatsztajn, Poznań 2015 : [recenzja] Piotr Kuligowski Noj Giter-Granatsztajn (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 147-149
"Kalkulować... Polacy na szczytach c.k. monarchii", Waldemar Łazuga, Poznań 2013 : [recenzja] Michał Wachowski Waldemar Łazuga (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 151-153