Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Challenged Faced by Modern Accounting as a Scientific Discipline : Four Plane Reflections Anna Karmańska s. 93-107
Integrated Reporting and the Directions of Its Development Joanna Krasodomska s. 109-118
Balance Sheet and Tax Aspects of Bank Debt Remission Edward Wiszniowski s. 119-128
The Problems Associated with Preparation of Disaggregated Information Mariusz Karwowski s. 129-139
Managing an Enterprise and Ethical Dilemmas in Accountancy Jolanta Wiśniewska s. 141-151
Performance Measurement in the Internal Audit Departments in Poland : the State of the Art and Prospects for Development Piotr Bednarek s. 153-163
Controlling as an Information Source in Risk Management Process Anna Bartoszewicz Joanna Dynowska s. 165-176