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Economic Growth in the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Compared to Selected Countries and Regions of the European Union Marcin Bogdański Janusz Heller s. 5-16
Value and Structure of Public Aid in Poland Against the European Union Background During the Years 2007-2012 Małgorzata Kamińska Roman Kisiel Wiesława Lizińska s. 17-29
Unpaid Work as a Potential Support for Employment in the Labour Market Alena Kaščáková Miriam Martinkovičová Mariana Považanová s. 31-45
Ranking of European Union Member States Based on the Level of Knowledge Created by the Research and Development Sector Krystyna Romaniuk s. 47-56
Factors Influencing the Improved Market Standing of Insurance Companies Andrzej Grzebieniak s. 57-69
Strategies of Investing in the Construction Sector Based on Market Anomalies Occuring at Warsaw Stock Exchange Tomasz Kutryb s. 71-86