Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Human Capital in Modern Economy – Importance, Methods of Measurement and Investments Roman Kisiel Marta Lubowiedzka s. 1-14
Investments as a Regional Policy Instrument Janusz Heller s. 15-27
The Analysis of a Total and Systematic Risk in the Context of a Downside Risk Based on the Example of Capital Investments at Warsaw Stock Exchange Lesław Markowski Anna Rutkowska-Ziarko s. 28-38
Reinsurance Management in Insurance Companies in Case of General Third Party Insurance Andrzej Grzebieniak s. 39-49
Agricultural Insurances in the Macroregion of Northern Poland Ryszard Stempel s. 50-65
Evaluation of the Effects of Financial Statement Conversion According to the International Accounting Standards on the Basis of a Selected Company Magdalena Czajka Mirosław Kowalewski Włodzimierz Zawieska s. 66-77
Classification of Objects on the Base of the Expected Information Value Ewa Wędrowska s. 78-89
Knowledge and Innovation Potential – Intangible Economic Resources in the New Global Economy of the 21st Century Adam P. Balcerzak s. 90-109
Economic Effectiveness of Private Enterprises in Poland – Regional Approach Wioletta Wierzbicka s. 110-123
Analysis of Expenditures on Labor Market Policy in Poland During the Years 1990–2008 Magdalena Cicha s. 124-134
Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates in International Accounting Standards and in Polish Accounting Regulations Ewa Rogowska s. 135-144
The Implementation of the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in Polish Enterprises Anna Wildowicz-Giegiel s. 145-158
Financial Modeling of Borrowers’ Creditworthiness Oleg Patlasov Natalia Vasina s. 159-173
Acquisition of Agricultural Land in Selected European Union Countries Ilisio Manuel de Jesus Agnieszka Osiecka s. 174-183
Competition on the Postal Service Market in Poland Wiesław Breński s. 184-190
Guidelines for Text Preparation for the "Olsztyn Economic Journal" s. 191-192