Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Characteristics and Perspectives of Highly Skilled Graduates in the Italian Labour Market Ivano Dileo Francesco Losurdo Tha`ıs Garcia Pereiro s. 283-295
Macroeconomic Conditions Determining the Level and the Rate of Changes of Wages and Salaries in Poland in 2007-2012 Walentyna Kwiatkowska s. 297-316
Is the Minimum Wage Detrimental to the Economy? Anna Krajewska Stefan Krajewski s. 317-330
Modern Methods and Instruments for Managing Longevity Risk in Pension Plans Marek Szczepański s. 331-345
Long-Term Unemployment in Poland in 2008-2012 : Tendencies, Structure and Selected Determinants Leszek Kucharski s. 347-359
Wind Power Stations and Market Valuation Aleksander Wasiuta Teresa Maria Łaguna s. 361-371
Observation Depth Measure in a Sample in the Voivodeship Classification of the Property Market Małgorzata Kobylińska s. 373-382