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Programming as a Development Tool of Russian Science: Evolution, Features and Application Prospects Vasiliy S. Bilchak Ekaterina A. Nosachevskaya s. 157-169
Perception of CSR as an Enterprise Business Offer Janusz Kroik Adam Świda s. 171-182
Innovations in Food Production – Status and Directions of Development Barbara Grzybowska s. 183-193
Innovative Potential and Activity of the SME-Sector in the Province of Warmia and Mazury Katarzyna Chrobocińska Kamil Decyk s. 195-207
Evaluation of Life Insurance Market Development in Poland During the Years 1991–2010 Andrzej Grzebieniak s. 209-227
Polish Insurance Market Compared to Selected European Countries in the Years 2000–2010 Justyna Witkowska s. 229-238
Algorithm of Calculating the Annual Economic Effect from Implementing Different Types of Innovation in a Business Organization Dimitri M. Parmacli s. 239-248
Model of a Regional Business Cycle Indicatorforthe Province of Warmia and Mazury Rafał Warżała s. 249-271
Issue of Valuation and Payment of Fees, Charges and Restitution Costs of the Forest Ecosystem Used for Road Projects Damian Januszewski Agnieszka Osiecka Teresa Maria Łaguna s. 273-287
Urban Area Revitalisation Programme Implementation Conditions in the Province of Warmia and Mazury Eliza Farelnik s. 289-299
Economics of Energy Management in a Commune – Chosen Aspects Waldemar Kozłowski s. 301-313
Convergence Problems in the Eurozone Małgorzata Siemionek Tomasz Wierzejski s. 315-327