Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Product Related Factors Determining Consumer Behaviors in the Yogurts Market Beata Czamajło Eugeniusz Niedzielski s. 153-158
The Impact of Coal Mining Liquidation on Population Structure in the Selected Regions of Russia and Ukraine Andrzej Buszko s. 159-172
Benefits of Foreign Capital Inflow in the Form of Direct Investments and Activities of Local Authorities in Attracting it Wiesława Lizińska s. 173-181
Activation of Long-Term Unemployed in the Eastern Regions of the Federal Republic of Germany Krzysztof Nyklewicz s. 182-196
The Concept of "Warmia Landscape Road" as a Method of Rural Areas Sustainable Development Based on the Example of Olsztyn Rural County Dariusz Łaguna s. 197-208
Rules on Financing Social Care Institutions Based on the Example of the Social Care Home "Kombatant" in Olsztyn Renata Burchart s. 209-221
– Acquisition of Premises as Real Property by Foreigners During the Years 2004–2008 Agnieszka Napiórkowska-Baryła Agnieszka Osiecka s. 222-230
Financial Management in Municipality Local Governments Based on the Example of Income from the Real Property Tax and Investment Outlays Andrzej J. Kozłowski s. 231-240
Improvement Premises in Competitiveness of Agricultural Food Commodities in Poland Under Conditions of Applying EU Common Agriculture Policy Joanna Danilczuk-Zembrzuska s. 241-251
Housing Situation in the Voivodships of Eastern Poland as the Border Regions of the European Union Marcin Janusz s. 252-264
Exchange Rate System and Inflation in the Process of Integration of the Central and Eastern European Countries with the European Union Kamil Kotliński s. 265-278
Limitations of the National Economic Policy in the Face of Globalization Process Adam P. Balcerzak s. 279-290