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Who’s Afraid of Population Decline? a Critical Examination of its Consequences David Coleman Robert Rowthorn s. 5-26
High Level of Temporary Contracts of Employment in Spanish Labour Market: Causes and Remedies Fernando Fita Ortega s. 27-41
Professional Activation of the Unemployed over 45 Years Old Eugeniusz Niedzielski s. 43-50
New Information and Communication Technologies as the Factor of Social Inclusion Lucyna Majchol-Zajda s. 51-74
Transnational Corporations as Dominating Entities in the Contemporary Global Econom Roman Kisiel Lidia Panfil s. 75-87
Problem of Fair Competition on the Single EU Market – the Case of Potato Starch Jacek Chotkowski Benon Gaziński s. 89-98
Foreign Investments and Disparities in Regional Development Renata Marks-Bielska Jarosław Michał Nazarczuk s. 99-108
Investment Property in the Polish Accounting Act and in International Accounting Standards Ewa Rogowska s. 109-119
Assets and Provisions for the Deferred Income Tax – Nature and Presentation in the Financial Statement Renata Burchard-Dziubińska s. 121-131
Application of Kullback-Leibler Relative Entropy for Studies on the Divergence of Household Expenditures Structures Ewa Wędrowska s. 133-142
The Effectiveness of Simple Diversification in Comparison to Markowitz Portfolio Theory Lesław Markowski Anna Rutkowska-Ziarko s. 143-154
Development of the Image of Towns in a Tourist Region Based on the Example of Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship Agnieszka Stanowicka-Traczyk s. 155-164
Supervision of the Insurance and Reassurance Market According to Solvency II Andrzej Grzebieniak s. 165-176
Interconnection between Anti-Crisis Management and Risk Management Anatoliy Kovalyov Valentyna Shevchenko s. 177-183
What Could the Crisis Change in Employee Training Management Principles? Jacek Woźniak s. 185-196
Guidelines for Text Preparation for the "Olsztyn Economic Journal" s. 197-198