Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Budgeting as a Method of Financial Management of Polish Hospitals Compared to European Countries Małgorzata Cygańska Henryk Lelusz s. 5-14
Influence of Milk Production Limits on the Dairy Sector in the Province of Warmia and Mazury Roman Kisiel Andrzej Milkiewicz Iwona Pietruszewska s. 15-26
Macroeconomic Conditions of Economic and Organisational Changes in Polish Dairy Farms in the Period 1989–2009 Andrzej Parzonko s. 27-39
Possibilities of Minimising Risks Associated with Threats to Safety of Meat Products Dominika Jakubowska Monika Radzymińska s. 41-49
Building Relationships with Stakeholders – as a Key Success Factor in Public Sector Organizations Maria Kotas s. 51-61
Model for Evaluation of the Economic-Social-Environmental Outcomes of Investments in Road Transport Infrastructure Waldemar Kozłowski s. 63-73
Cluster Development in Poland a Diagnostic Study Krystyna Romaniuk s. 75-86
Personal Liability Insurance Joanna Bak s. 87-94
Application of the Servqual Method in Studies on the Quality of Services Provided by the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund Justyna Witkowska s. 95-106
Determinants of Change in Production Factors as Indicators of Farm Structure Transformations in Highly Fragmented Agriculture Andrzej Mantaj Artur Ostromęcki Dariusz Zając s. 107-119
Compliance and Non-Compliance Costs in Selected Manufacturing Enterprises Mirosław Kowalewski Małgorzata Murawska s. 121-132
Conditions for Benchmarking Implementation and its Use in Enterprises in North-Eastern Poland Małgorzata Cygańska Joanna Dynowska s. 133-142
Financing Commercial Property in Poland and the UK Tomasz Lechowicz s. 143-151