Tytuł Marketing Instytucji Naukowych i Badawczych
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Marketing Instytucji Naukowych i Badawczych
2012, Numer 2(3)

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Introduction Witold Wiśniowski s. 10-11
Scientific and research institutions' utilization of Internet tools for marketing research Damian Dec s. 17-38
Fairs as a tool of marketing activity of research and scientific institutions Marcin Gębarowski s. 43-60
Science, technology and business - market or interactive coordination Håkan Håkansson s. 65-79
Implementing new marketing strategies in scientific and research institutions Mirosława Pluta-Olearnik s. 83-96
E-marketing of research and scientific institutions - psychological aspect Karol Wolski s. 101-116
Cooperation of universities as an element of support for innovation in regions Piotr Danielewicz Mateusz Wróblewski s. 123-131
Balanced branding of the employer created by means of social media - a factor of success in personal marketing Iris Kaiser s. 135-145
Advertising - psychological aspects of the influence of marketing tricks Aneta Olejniczak s. 149-170
Social responsibility in business in theory and practice Adriana Paliwoda-Matiolańska s. 175-187
Media relations - promoting scientific and research institutions in the media in Poland and Europe Joanna Pruchnicka s. 191-209
Informational foundations for marketing decisions in the process of product commercialization Bogdan Sojkin s. 213-220
Inbound marketing as a form of the internet marketing Witold Świeczak s. 225-240
Communication in times of crisis as an element of building an efficient brand Dariusz Tworzydło s. 245-256
Strategic significance of the brand in the activities of an organization Grzegorz Urbanek s. 261-269
Visual identification and its role in shaping brand awareness and marketing communication Katarzyna Wrona s. 273-289
The image of universities from the point of view of students and high school graduates Michał Grech s. 295-316
Modern library and the promotion of a scientific institution Kamila Kaczyńska s. 321-333
The role of marketing of higher education institutions in creating the image of cities and regions Anita Kijanka s. 337-348
Research and scientific achievements as media events Jaromir Matulewicz s. 353-373
Commercialization of technology – efficient sales of patents, licenses and results of research Jacek Kosiec Dariusz Trzmielak s. 377-395
Authors s. 396-400
About the Institute of Aviation s. 402-404