Tytuł Marketing Instytucji Naukowych i Badawczych
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Marketing Instytucji Naukowych i Badawczych
2012, Numer 5(6)

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Introduction Witold Wiśniowski s. 9-10
Concept for perfecting the marketing of new technologies at Gdańsk University of Technology Jerzy Koszałka Damian Kuźniewski s. 17-31
A concept of student relationship management in higher education Anna Drapińska s. 35-49
Model technology platform for cooperation of research centres with the business sector Marzena Walasik s. 55-66
The application of CRM type systems in scientific marketing - prospects for effective cooperation of science and industry Monika Pietrzyk Piotr Winiarski s. 71-88
Gamification and games, their potential for application in marketing strategies Katarzyna Wrona s. 93-105
Social Media Marketing - why businesses need to use it and how (includes a study of Facebook) Ola Agbaimoni Lilach Bullock s. 109-119
Crisis management via social media Agnieszka Chwiałkowska s. 123-135
Social campaigns concerning work safety in the context of social responsibility of business in Poland Alfred Brzozowski Agnieszka Szczygielska s. 139-153
Geoinformation as a form of promotion of scientific research Tomasz Nałęcz s. 159-168
A university's brand in the contemporary world Stanisław Dawidziuk s. 173-180
Universities in Poland in the eyes of public opinion - current state and expectations in light of research Michał Grech s. 185-199
Positive image of university and local government - common cause Jan Walczak s. 203-225
Research institutes and scientific-industrial centres in the context of innovative economy in light of experiences of the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG Jerzy Keller Stanisław Trenczek Wojtas Wojtas s. 231-244
The significance of marketing for the development of research and development institutions : experiences of the The Research and Development Centre for Building Insulation Industry Artur Miros Wioleta Śmiszek-Lindert s. 249-261
ICT platform as a marketing tool of a scientific unit from the food-agricultural branch Piotr Moskała Paweł Radomski s. 265-274
Authors s. 277-282
About the Institute of Aviation s. 285-287