Tytuł Marketing Instytucji Naukowych i Badawczych
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Marketing Instytucji Naukowych i Badawczych
2012, Numer 4(5)

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Introduction Witold Wiśniowski s. 9-10
Cooperation of scientific centres and companies on implementation of research results Dariusz Trzmielak s. 17-34
International orientation in the strategy of scientific and research institutions Mirosława Pluta-Olearnik s. 39-52
Determinants in the marketing of a research and scientific institution Jakub Jasiczak Bogdan Sojkin s. 57-64
The role of personal marketing in forming the image of a science organization Agnieszka Izabela Baruk s. 71-88
Educational Fairs as a Form of Promotion of Higher Education Institutions Marcin Gębarowski s. 93-103
Event marketing as one of the forms of marketing innovation in scientific and research institutions Aneta Olejniczak s. 107-119
Google AdWords advertising in higher education marketing Radosław Dawidziuk s. 123-129
Content marketing as an important element of marketing strategy of scientific institutions Witold Świeczak s. 137-150
International marketing communication - cultural context Dominika Hirsch s. 157-170
Image development in the Internet - opportunities and threats Zbigniew Chmielewski Hubert Ochmański Dariusz Tworzydło s. 175-182
Marketing Communications in Industrial B2B Markets enhancing the Value of the Corporate Brand relying on Common Added Values Jose Ignacio Monrabal s. 187-191
Virtual press office as an efficient tool for scientific communication Natalia Osica s. 195-201
Building an image of a higher education institution as an instrument of Mega Marketing Lidia Białoń s. 205-221
Communication between scientific-research institutions and their target groups in the Web 3.0 system Iris Kaiser s. 227-235
Competitions with electronic simulators for Windows & Android as marketing tools of academic institutions Michel Muszynski s. 239-242
Why is it worth to become an engineer? - promotional activities of scientific and research institutions and commercial entities Bogumiła Marczyńska s. 247-250
Financing marketing with EU Funds Jaromir Matulewicz s. 255-274
Authors s. 277-281
About the Institute of Aviation s. 283-285