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Wydawca Wyższa Szkoła Humanitas w Sosnowcu
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Roczniki Administracji i Prawa
2017, Tom 17, Numer 1

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Introduction Maciej Borski s. 7-9
The Institution of the Nationwide Referendum in Turkmenistan Andrzej Pogłódek s. 13-31
Review of the Constitutionality of Law in the Direct Application of the Constitution Aleksander Gołębiewski s. 33-54
Is a Comprehensive Reform of the Law-Making Process Necessary in Poland? : A Voice in the Discussion Maciej Borski s. 55-70
Application of the Logics of Fuzzy Sets in Law on the Example of the Case of "Assets Coming Indirectly from a Prohibited Act" Piotr Sobol-Kołodziejczyk Marek Zielinski s. 71-80
Criminal Proceedings against Colonel Feliks Michałowski (1952-1953) Elżbieta Romanowska s. 83-101
"Kill a Donkey" Dariusz Rozmus s. 103-112
Administrative Courts in Ukraine : Formation and Functioning in the Modern Conditions Tatiana Bilkiewicz s. 115-127
Local Development and Municipal Authorities Dorota Fleszer s. 129-143
Genesis of the Act Amendment of 24 July 2015 Depriving the Municipal Police of the Authorization to Use Speed Cameras Magdalena Gurdek s. 145-163
General Principles of Code of Administrative Procedure after Amendment of 2017 Kamil Majewski s. 165-182
A Case Study: Selected Issues Regarding Combating Infectious Animal Diseases Marek Stych s. 183-194
OECD Guidelines as an Attempt to Regulate Foreign Investors' Behavior Anna Mokrysz-Olszyńska s. 195-213
System of Sanctions in Regulation 2016 Adrian Szutkiewicz s. 215-231
Conflict on the Right to Use Mineral Resources on Svalbard - An Outline Dariusz Rozmus s. 233-247
Verification of the Term "Agricultural Property" in the Light of the Amended Provisions of the Agricultural System Structuring Act of 11 April 2003 Katarzyna Czerwińska-Koral s. 251-264
The Students of Humanitas University as the Authors of a Review Roman Andrzej Tokarczyk s. 259-386
«Misselling» of Financial Services as a Practice that Infringes Collective Consumer Interests Anna Rogacka-Łukasik s. 265-278
Selected Problems of Shaping the Amount of Remuneration for Work Helena Szewczyk s. 279-297
The Scope of the Obligation to Introduce Remuneration Regulations after the Amendment to the Labor Code of the Year 2016 Beata Rutkowska s. 299-310
Concept and Types of Collective Labor Agreements in Light of the Polish Labor Law Tomasz Świętnicki s. 311-330
The Commentary to the Decision of the Supreme Court of 15 February 2012, II Criminal Code 193 Anna Marcinkowska s. 333-339
Report from the Scientific Conference "Mediation in Polish Legal Order: Doctrine - Legal Regulations - Practice" Anna Kalisz s. 343-345
"Museums - Theory and Practice. To Be or not To Be in the Contemporary World" - a Conference Summary Anna Rogacka-Łukasik s. 347
"1956 in Poland : Courts, Prosecution, Criminal Law", Diana Maksimiuk, Białystok 2016 : [recenzja] Ewa Strug Diana Maksimiuk (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 351-358