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Roczniki Administracji i Prawa
2017, Tom 17, Numer 2

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Introduction Maciej Borski s. 9-12
USA-Asia Relations in the Time of Trump’s Administration Andżelika Kuźnar Jerzy Menkes s. 15-31
Will the Atlantic Bridge Withstand Shocks? Elżbieta Czarny Jerzy Menkes s. 33-47
Changes in the export competitiveness of the Visegrad Group and Germany in years 2004-2014 – Is there convergence? Elżbieta Czarny Małgorzata Żmuda s. 49-64
Brexit and its Potential Effects on Trade Between the European Union and Selected Countries Bożena Pera s. 67-81
The European Union’s and Great Britain’s Trade Relations with Selected Developing Countries in the Context of Brexit Bożena Pera s. 83-101
European Union – West Africa Trade Relations: with or without Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Małgorzata Czermińska Joanna Garlińska-Bielawska s. 103-120
Debate on Issues Concerning the EU Citizens’ Rights after Brexit Magdalena Suska s. 121-142
The European Union’s Geopolitical and Economic Situation in Nowadays World : The risk-based perspective Jacek Pera s. 143-159
Poland in International Production Networks of Automotive Industry Paweł Folfas s. 161-172
Integration of Financial Markets in the European Union after 2018 Alina Szypulewska-Porczyńska s. 173-188
The European Union in Global Research and Development: The Balance and Prospects Anna Odrobina s. 189-206
The Precautionary Principle as the Basis for Legal Regulations in the Field of Nanotechnology Marcin Jurewicz s. 207-213
Effects of Involvement of Self-Government Employees in Local Election Campaigns Magdalena Gurdek s. 217-237
Selected Problems of Disciplinary Proceedings in the Cases of Border Guard Officers in the Perspective of Standards of Human Rights Beata Baran s. 239-251
Consent for Personal Data Processing in Digital Environment According to GDPR Łukasz Gołba s. 253-265
The Characteristics of an Institution of a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in the Light of Legal and Political Changes Wacław Kubies s. 267-284
Statutory Regulations in the Field of Anti-terrorist Activities In Poland : Notes on the Special Use of Weapons Jadwiga Stawnicka s. 285-299
The Right to Strike in Health Service Andrzej Marian Świątkowski s. 303-314
Candidate Internship in Cooperatives and Agricultural Cooperatives Tomasz Duraj s. 315-326
Ways of Obtaining Information about the Debtor’s Assets in Court Enforcement Proceedings Andrzej Pokora s. 327-339
Liability for Prenatal Injuries in the Context of the Protection of the Rights of Conceived Children Magdalena Sobas s. 341-359
Employment Security under Polish Law – Considerations Based on the Concept of Precariat by G. Standing Jakub Grygutis s. 361-374
A Report on the „Legal Standards – Social and Cultural Standards. Case Studies” Conference in Cracow, 16-17 September 2017 Anna Rogacka-Łukasik s. 377-378
A Report from the “Europe in the World: The Time of Breakthrough” Scientific Conference, Warsaw, 6 October, 2017 Anna Rogacka-Łukasik s. 379-380
Report on the International Scientific Conference of the 2nd Central European Forum on Law and Administration "Judicial Protection of Individual Rights in Central European Countries – Current Experience and Trends" Dorota Fleszer s. 381-382
"The Supreme Court 1917-2017. Presidents, Judges, Prosecutors of the Supreme Court. Published by: The Supreme Court in Warsaw", Arkadiusz Bereza, Warszawa 2017 : [recenzja] Adam Lityński Arkadiusz Bereza (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 385-390
"The Works on the Codification of the Substantive Misdemeanors Law in People’s Poland (1960-1971)", Marcin Łysko, Białystok 2016 : [recenzja] Ewa Strug Marcin Łysko (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 391-395
On the Activity of the Faculty of Administration and Law at the Humanitas University Maciej Borski s. 399-418