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Introduction : Transition into Retirement in Central and Eastern Europe Wojciech Kowalik Łukasz Krzyżowski Katarzyna Suwada s. 7-17
Later Retirement? : Patterns, Preferences, Policies Martin Kohli s. 19-32
Active Ageing and Material Deprivation of Older Generations in Europe and in Poland : How Do They Interplay? Jolanta Perek-Białas s. 33-47
Preference Theory in Advanced Age and the Older Czech Workforce Lucie Vidovićová s. 49-75
Retirement as an Effect of Employer-Employee Relations Konrad Turek s. 77-95
Determinants of Early Retirement Transitions of Teachers in Poland : Does Regional Heterogeneity Play a Role? Katarzyna Kopycka s. 97-124
Predicted Impacts of Pension Reform on the Labour Market in Poland Bogusława Urbaniak s. 125-143
The Effect of Retirement on Perceived Well-Being in Hungary Márta Radó s. 145-160
New Pensioners and the Surrounding Social Reality : The Experience of Retiring in Poland Katarzyna Suwada s. 161-174
Feminisation of Poverty and the Burden of the Older Woman : Balancing work and Family in Pre-Retirement Life and the Accumulated Disadvantage for Older Women in Albania Elona Dhembo s. 175-184
National Defined Contribution Pension Scheme Experience in Latvia : Some Lessons Olga Rajevska Feliciana Rajevska s. 185-197
Retired Elderly in a Care Institution - The Process of Adaptation to Life in a Social Care Home Anna Szafranek s. 199-213
Ageism Stereotyping as a Social Policy Premise Iryna Boiko Larysa Klymanska s. 215-221
New Institutionalism at the Heuristic Frames - Historical Roots, Social Theories, Research Methods Katarzyna Leszczyńska Piotr Chmielewski (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 225-229