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Food fears, food distrust and food exclusion in one postsocialist culture : and beyond Agata Bachórz Ewa Kopczyńska s. 7-13
Fatalité de la maison : food trauma in post-transition polish pop culture Agata Michalak s. 15-30
Fat-free, high in calories : management of diets in the case of a rare metabolic disorder Anna Chowaniec-Rylke s. 31-41
Social contexts of food exclusion Joanna Krukowska Dorota Rancew-Sikora s. 43-62
Food-related concerns and ‘good’ food procurement strategies : from research into eating practices in Poland Justyna Straczuk s. 63-77
How food fears frame criticisms of the food system : a case study of customers of farmers’ markets Ewa Kopczyńska s. 79-96
Hidden resources? : households’ strategies for maintaining control over food: between continuity and discontinuity Agata Bachórz s. 97-109