Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
The Origin and Impact of the Theosophical Centre in Adyar Izabela Trzcińska Agata Świerzowska s. 7-19
The Radical Aesthetics of the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA) Massimo Introvigne Raffaella Di Marzio Pier Luigi Zaccatelli s. 21-37
A Pocketbook of Wonders : "Mayses Noyroim" (Deeds of Awe, Pietrkov 1913 Marek Tuszewicki s. 39-48
Esoteric Mythologies in Action : Images and Symbols of Russian Anthroposophic Historiosophy (from Ludvig A. Novikov's Archive) Monika Rzeczycka s. 49-57
Magic as a Science of Imagination in the work of Ioan P. Culianu (1950-1991) Roberta Moretti s. 59-67
Emblems as Hieroglyphs of the Imagination : "The Black Square" by Kazimir Malevich Diana Oboleńska s. 69-77
Michael Kimmel's "The Gendered Society" : Challenges and Solutions for the Degendering Process Edyta Tobiasiewicz Micheal Kimmel (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 81-90