Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Men and Masculinities Research in the European Dimension : Guest Editors' Introduction Urszula Kluczyńska Katarzyna Wojnicka s. 7-14
Men, Masculinities and Physical Violence in Contemporary Europe Katarzyna Wojnicka s. 15-31
European Perpetrator Programmes : A Survey o Day-to-Day Outcome Measurement Oriol Ginés Canales Heinrich Geldschläger David Nax Álvaro Ponce s. 33-52
Men's Share of Care for Children and Professional Care Nadja Bergmann Øystein Gullvåg Holter Majda Hrženjak Elli Scambor s. 53-71
Older Husbands as Cerers : Constructions of Masculinity in Context of Care-Giving Urszula Kluczyńska s. 73-94
Couples Dealing with Breast Cancer : The Role of Husbands in Supporting their Wives Emilia Mazurek Edyta Zierkiewicz s. 95-116
Caught between Breadwinning Emotional Provisions : The Case of Polish Migrant Fathers in Norway Paula Pustułka Justyna Struzik Magdalena Ślusarczyk s. 117-139
Naturalisation of the Difference : The Experience of Fatherhood in Sweden and Poland Katarzyna Suwada s. 141-155
Power Challenges for Head Doctors in Maternity Hospitals : Beyond Hegemonic Masculinities Iva Šmídová s. 157-177
Transsexual Masculinity Construction in Poland Małgorzata Bieńkowska s. 179-192
Queering the Warsaw Uprising (with Little Help from Miron Białoszewski) Piotr Sobczyk s. 193-213