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Acknowledgment s. 5
The Relevance of Authorial Intentions Kalle Puolakka s. 7-12
Modest Actual Mentalism : Questions and Comments Stephen Davies s. 13-17
Abductive Reasoning, Intentionalism and Meanings in Artwork Cynthia Freeland s. 18-24
The End of Artistic Meaning? Elisabeth Schellekens s. 25-30
Noël Carroll’s Modest Actual Mentalism Gemma Argüello Manresa s. 31-33
Virtual Intentionalism or Actual Intentionalism? Randall Auxier s. 34-36
Criticism and Interpretation Redux : Responses to My Commentators Noël Carroll s. 37-45
A Functional Theory of Post‐Modern Art Ian Verstegen s. 46-54
Personalist Art Criticism : an Outline of a Concept Joanna Winnicka‐Gburek Gregory McCormick (tłum.) Joanna Szymańska (tłum.) s. 55-65
Historically Informed Performance a pytanie o historyzm w muzyce Jakub Chachulski s. 66-86
Art is not a Commodity : An Interview with Mirosław Jasiński, Director of the City Gallery in Wrocław, by Ewa D. Bogusz‐Boltuc Ewa D. Bogusz-Boltuc Mirosław Jasiński s. 87-94
Contributors s. 95-96
Notes for Contributors s. 97