Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Existence John Skorupski s. 5-16
Emergence in Dynamical Systems John Collier s. 17-42
Non-Homogenous Moral Space : from Bentham to Sen Piotr Boltuc s. 43-59
Some Arguments for the Operational Reading of Truth Expressions Jakub Gomułka Jan Wawrzyniak s. 61-86
Quinean Ontological Commitment Derailed Roxanne Marie Kurtz s. 87-113
Aristotelian Forms and Laws of Nature Alexander Pruss s. 115-132
No more Mad-dog Concept Nativism Justyna Japola-DesVergnes s. 133-163
Uncovering the True “Wealth” of Happiness —Examining the Limitations that Govern Croesus’s Question about Happiness and Aristotle’s Subsequent Reply Alon Segev s. 165-176
The Civic Duty to Pay Taxes and the Fair-Share Calculation Donald Morris s. 177-199