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The role of Jane Wilhelmina Stirling in Fryderyk Chopin's life and in preserving memory and legacy of the composer Paulina Pieńkowska s. 5-28
The ordinarium parts of the mass by Nicolaus de Radom in relation to works by Antonio Zacara da Teramo and Johannes Ciconia Joanna Miszke s. 29-58
Leone Leoni as a forgotten composer of the early Baroque era Róża Różańska s. 59-78
Two sides of the Olympic medal - the controversy surrounding "II Sinfonia Olimpica" (1948) by Zbigniew Turski : contribution to the analysis Karolina Bindel s. 79-90
The composition of the "epoch of intertextuality" - Symphony No. 3 "Circus Maximus" by John Corigliano Katarzyna Bartos s. 91-110
Discontinuum-continuum : the theory of composition by Julio Estrada Manuel Antonio Dominguez Salas s. 111-126
Musical sources survived in the collection of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum Hubert Szczęśniak s. 127-177
Bionotes s. 178-179