Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
An attempt to reconstruct the original lyrics of the "Concerto Mutetta super Nicolai Solemnia" by Franciszek Lilius Marek Bebak s. 4-23
"Requiem Mass" by Hieronim Feicht in the context of his mass compositions and the repertoire of the Stradomski Choir Andrzej Edward Godek s. 24-42
Musical interpretation of the selected poems by Paul Verlaine : analysis of Irena Wieniawska's songs in the comparison to the compositions by Fauré, Debussy, and Ravel Anna Al-Araj s. 43-76
"Sonnet VIII" by William Shakespeare in songs of Kabalevsky, Stravinsky and Mykietyn Karolina Dąbek s. 77-99
Pierre Schaeffer's attempt to create a method of electro-acoustic music analysis Monika Lech s. 100-123
Bionotes s. 124-125