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The History of the Organs in the Cistercian Abbey in Kraków-Mogiła Piotr Matoga s. 5-31
Canto fratto Repertoire of Benedicamus Domino in the Manuscript Cantionales from the Convent of Bernardine Nuns in Kraków Andrzej Edward Godek s. 33-52
Apolinary Kątski as an Infant Prodigy Ewa Chamczyk s. 53-76
Chopin on Barricades: About the 100th Anniversary of Chopin’s Birth (1949) and Socialist Realism Doctrine in Poland Michał Bruliński s. 77-114
Piotr Hertel as a Composer of Cartoons Soundtracks Katarzyna Babulewicz s. 115-133
Virtual Harp of Bach : Baroque.me by Alexander Chen between Net Art and Myth of the Great Composer Adriana Kretkowska s. 135-153