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Functions of Scordatura on the Example of Selected Compositions from the Collection of St Anne’s Church on Piasek Island in Wrocław’s Chapel (1679–1686) Dominika Stopczańska s. 5-25
Joseph Woelfl—Life and Artistic Activity Ewa Bogula s. 27-62
Introduction to Life and Output of Johann Baptist Schiedermayr Jolanta Bujas s. 63-100
Conflict and Dialectic of Faiths in Felix Mendelssohn’s Responsorium et Hymnus Kwen-Yin Li s. 101-123
Difference and Repetition as the Aspects of Representation in Arnold Schoenberg’s Variations for Orchestra Op. 31 Iwona Sowińska-Fruhtrunk s. 125-169
Phonographic Realisations of the Gothic Symphony by Havergal Brian Oskar Łapeta s. 161-176
Jadwiga Szajna-Lewandowska for Children Aleksandra Machura s. 177-190