Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Financial risks of the corporate sector of Ukraine under modern conditions Igor Alieksieiev Yakiw Kuznetsov Michajło Yastrubskyy s. 7-14
Financial relationships between commercial banks and industrial enterprises: the principles of organizing and risks Volodymyr Chybaj Oleksandra Tesak s. 15-24
National Strategies for Financial Education – the concept and first experiences in the world Bożena Frączek s. 25-33
Issuing of bank bonds – fashion or necessity? Witold Gradoń s. 35-46
Analysis of consumer potential as a crucial component of endogenous potential of innovative development Oleksandra Gumeniuk s. 47-55
Impact of world financial crises on geoeconomic transformations Lyubov Oleksandrivna Kibalnyk s. 57-66
Heuristic valuation and investment performance of individual investors Mariusz Kicia s. 67-78
Economic analysis of internal and external risks from the positions of the theories of the market economy Inna Lazaryshyna Olena Ziza s. 79-85
Crowdfunding – worldwide and Polish experiences Krystyna Mitręga-Niestrój s. 87-94
The capital structure and the dividend policy of family firms Marcus Dick Helmut Pernsteiner s. 95-104
Income as an accounting evaluation of company operating efficiency Yulia Demska Lyubomyr Pylypenko s. 105-111
Changing priorities of human development at the stage of transformation into innovative economy Anna Semykina s. 113-124
Method of enterprises cash flow analysis: the Ukrainian experience Viktoriia Vovk s. 125-134
The application of unigraphic recording in the accounting of Ukrainian tourism enterprises Oleg S. Vysochan Oleg O. Vysochan s. 135-142
Financial reporting in adapting financial systems Olena Tyvonchuk Igor Yaremko s. 143-149